25 August 2011


Martin Worthington is my hero!

I have been enthralled by his work for as long as I can remember being interested in surfing. I recall seeing my uncle's 70's Surfing World magazines with crazy ad's for Hot Buttered boards with Martin's Psychedelic work.

I've met him several times and he has been so humble about his work, which I consider part of the evolution of Australian surf-lore.
I'm fortunate to have several boards with Martin's amazing work on it.

Love a gun, especially TF's shapes

 Typically most people think that his work is only on Hot Buttered boards, but actually he has been the production sprayer for many well known labels over the years. I have a very cool Aloha sprayed by Martin in '82 ( thanks Adam), and a beaten up classic Tom Curren Channel Islands also sprayed by him.
Great Greg Clough shape with textured deck and Worthington 80's spray

Martin graciously signed this one for me
Dig the rockets!

Quirky almost bonzer fin set up - early thruster experiment

Check out Kye Fitz's blog for a cool insight into Martin and his work. There are some seriously nice boards ridden beautifully by Kye!

Here's one of Kye's own boards; A 5'10' Modern Drifta
Shaped by the man himself - TF, with inspirational spray by Martin!

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