28 August 2011


we have been very fortunate to have help from a family of amazing joiners - the Turners
always willing to help
always full of life and good humour

boat builders
traditional heavy timber framers
ecologists in the real word

they have my utmost respect and love

andrew created the amazing traditional japanese joinery in the salvaged oregon beam structure that supports our main bedroom.
mortise and tenoned, spline joints
dove tail was my little addition to his craftsmanship

i learnt so much working alongside andrew.
his oldest son Rye is an accomplished luthier as well

much respect

a nice aside is that the beams are 300x150mm and average 7.2m long.
they were 15 m long when pulled out of the old army warehouse in sydney!
I love the contrast of a strong structural element against the simple white palette.

images by:
claudia gabriel lim

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  1. Andrew does amazing work, along with Ginny and the rest of the family!