05 March 2012


a short statement I encountered recently by 2012 Pritzker Award winner Wang Shu:

"Design Philosophy

I design a house instead of a building. The house is the amateur architecture approach to the infinitely spontaneous order.
Built spontaneously, illegally and temporarily, amateur architecture is equal to professional architecture. But amateur architecture is just not significant.

One problem of professional architecture is, that it thinks too much of a building. A house, which is close to our simple and trivial life, is more fundamental than architecture. Before becoming an architect, I was only a literati. Architecture is part time work to me. For one place, humanity is more important than architecture while simple handicraft is more important than technology.
The attitude of amateur architecture, - though first of all being an attitude towards a critical experimental building process -, can have more entire and fundamental meaning than professional architecture. For me, any building activity without comprehensive thoughtfulness will be insignificant."

I love the nature of "spontaneity" in design...creation which is in the moment

such a shame that so much design
and construction today is based on dollar value, energy consumed and saved and the like...

Wang's modesty in saying " amateur architecture is just not significant" belies the true value of simple creative spirit in homes.

How do you "value" creative input?

Can a feeling be given a tangible value?

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