17 November 2014


I've been off air for some time...studying architecture and becoming a father have been great learning curves. 
In the interim, I've been watching, experiencing, growing...... 

adaptive reuse in action
a new cubby house - lasted 18 months and then recycled

I'd like to share a recent comment I came across, by Jonathon Ive - head designer for Apple, http://www.dezeen.com/2014/11/13/design-education-tragic-says-jonathan-ive-apple/

Avoiding his criticism on the state of design skills in the world today, due in part to the tendency of education to be driven by computer based designing rather than the physical ability to make an item, I picked up on a couple of interesting points....

"It's made it better. There's integrity there. You hope that people can tell the difference."

I pride myself on our integrity, both in workmanship but in attempting to be transparent in our costings. For most people, it's the biggest investment they will make in their lives...surely you'd like to know how the money is being spent...is it on a thoughtfully designed well-built home, or on a house that will need repairs and maintenance sooner than later due to poor material and design choices?

"The sad thing is that so much of what we're surrounded by in the physical world that is a product of manufacture, so much of it testifies to carelessness. The one good thing about that is if you do care it is really conspicuous."

I feel that our work stands out as unique and considered....rare in this homogenous world. Not purely to create a statement, but because there are better ways to do things than just reproducing what's been done before...and because when we design we consider the best way to make our home's last...be it site position, design detailing, material choice, or purely how we install. It's an all encompassing regime.

The detail is in the design...considered from the very beginning. 
We care about what we do, and it shows....

the spill of light - from the overlay of stair landings above
not just a coincidence

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